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Mesh partitions

The right mesh partitions for cages

We offer mesh partitions for cages to safely separate your enclosure from the cold aisle / hot aisle. We can provide you with the right systems for protecting and separating server rooms, etc.

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From idea to finished product

Modular and robust mesh partition wall systems

With our modular and robust mesh partition wall systems, we are able to cover almost all your requirements. The protection and partitioning of server rooms, hall partitions, partitions for air freight or for stored goods of any kind is ideally provided here.

  • + Grid Elements
    • Grid elements, welded from 30/30 C-channels
    • Grid elements welded from 30/30 C-channels, infilled with 40/40/3.8 mm press-welded mesh firmly connected to the frame
  • + Elements with sheet metal
    • Welded from 30/30 C-channels
    • Infilled with 40/40/3.8 mm sturdy steel sheet, firmly connected to the frame
  • + Post
    • Rectangular tube 70 x 40 x 3 mm
    • With narrow head and base plates
    • Including mounting brackets
    • Including anchor bolts for floor mounting on concrete substrate
    • Mounting on raised floor possible
    • With height-adjustable telescopic head plates
  • + Single door
    • Execution DIN left or DIN right possible
    • Opening inward or outward
    • Fully equipped with lock and door handle set
  • + Sliding doors
    • Sliding doors with track, floor guide, stop buffers, and latch lock
    • Space-saving opening
    • Wings inside the cage
  • + Security doors
    • Security handle set with through-bolt protection and additional frame – effectively prevents unauthorized opening
    • Electronic door lock including electronic TSE-profile cylinder, keypad PIV codes, and batteries
    • Electronic door opener
    • Anti-panic lock
    • Other components available on request
  • + Burglary protection beneath raised floor
    • Grid elements
    • Crossbars made of galvanized round tube mounted with clamps and tear-off nuts
  • + Installation of raised floor
    • 40 mm square tube at raised floor height for neat attachment of floor panels
  • + Guardrail
    • Bars made of 30 mm or 40 mm square tube
    • Grid elements
  • + Surface
    • Powder-coated in a color of your choice

Comprehensive service

From the idea to the finished product

For many years, we have been manufacturing enclosures for cold aisle and hot aisle containment, as well as mesh partition walls for server rooms and technical platforms, independently of standard designs. In addition, we provide the corresponding steel construction technology for your data center (technical platforms, stairways, mesh floors, loading ramps, railings, etc.).

Custom solutions instead of modular systems, and flexible, prompt, and straightforward assistance with high reliability, even in challenging situations, are our hallmarks. We deliver what we promise!

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