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Individual solutions instead of modular systems

Gangway enclosures • Mesh partitions • Sabotage protection enclosures
Special racks • Staircases • Entrance ramps • Railing

The use of an aisle containment from Kaltgang Warmgang by IDEEN made of steel separates warm exhaust air supplied to server racks. This physical separation prevents the mixing of hot and cold air flows. The advantage: lowering of the supply air temperature, higher temperature difference and therefore a much more efficient cooling system. As a specialist in precisely this area, we offer future-proof solutions for data centers and ensure the best possible support for our customers with the necessary flexibility to meet their challenges. Our comprehensive portfolio for Cold aisle and hot aisle containment and mesh partition walls combines the necessary energy efficiency with modular flexibility. Additionally, we also offer custom solutions because every data center is unique. We design and implement your enclosures for cold aisle and hot aisle containment quickly, with high quality, and efficiency.

Gangway enclosures

Energy-efficient enclosures to separate the cold aisle and hot aisle in your data center.

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Mesh partitions

Secure systems for protecting and separating server rooms, including mesh partitions for cages.

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More projects

In an initial consultation, we evaluate your wishes in order to plan your project professionally together with you.

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Comprehensive service

From the idea to the finished product

For many years, we have been manufacturing enclosures for cold aisle and hot aisle containment, as well as mesh partition walls for server rooms and technical platforms, independently of standard designs. In addition, we provide the corresponding steel construction technology for your data center (technical platforms, stairways, mesh floors, loading ramps, railings, etc.).

Custom solutions instead of modular systems, and flexible, prompt, and straightforward assistance with high reliability, even in challenging situations, are our hallmarks. We deliver what we promise!

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From the Idea to the Finished Product