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Gangway enclosures


Aisle containment is by far the most effective way of maximizing cooling capacity - and with manageable operating costs. Aisle containment separates cold and hot areas in data centers. We also solve cases where standard solutions fail and provide you with the most effective way to maximize your cooling capacity.

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High-quality cold aisle sliding doors

for cooling your data center

Efficient Gangway enclosures for optimum cold aisle / hot aisle separation

Our cold aisle sliding doors offer an ideal solution for separating cold and hot aisles in data centers. With an elegant design and maximum functionality, our enclosures meet all the requirements of modern data centers.

Technical highlights and advantages of our cold aisle containment

Our cold aisle sliding doors are characterized by a first-class track system that can be optionally equipped with a retractable damper, spring rope system or a 24 V electric drive. This ensures smooth and safe operation.

Flexible customization and reusability

Our aisle containment systems offer a high degree of flexibility thanks to their modular design. Stems make it easy to extend or shorten the aisles and thus increase the reusability of the enclosures. Aisle heights between 50 and 300 mm make it easier to adjust the passage height of a rack row, which is particularly important after the installation of fire detectors or extinguishing nozzles.

Customized solutions and on-time installation

One of our particular strengths is the development of customized solutions for our customers. Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise, we offer aisle containment systems that are specially tailored to your requirements. We attach great importance to the highest quality in production and assembly as well as reliable adherence to deadlines. Installation deadlines are planned according to your specifications and flexibly adapted to the conditions on the construction site.

Why our cold aisle or warm aisle sliding doors?

Our sliding doors are not only visually appealing with their large laminated safety glass, they are also state of the art. They make a significant contribution to the efficient cooling and operational reliability of your data center. You can rely on our expertise in the development and implementation of innovative enclosures for cold and hot aisles.

Turnkey solutions for your data center

From the initial consultation to the final installation - we guide you through the entire process and ensure that your cold aisle containment is perfectly tailored to your needs. Opt for our cold aisle sliding doors and optimize the cooling and efficiency of your data center. Contact us for an individual consultation!

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From idea to finished product


Individual solutions with added value

  • + Flexible

    Our system can be adapted to the spatial requirements. It consists of individual elements that can be adapted to the aisle widths and heights to enclose the cold or hot aisle.

  • + Doors with large glass cut-out

    Designed as double doors / sliding doors or swing doors. With the largest possible glass cut-out made of VSG 6 mm safety glass (does not scratch during normal handling - no splinter breakage). Easy assembly and disassembly (door stands on its own). Doors can be provided with an individual logo on the glass cut-out. Shell handles inside and outside stainless steel push handles.

  • + Seals for the sliding doors

    Brush seals on the sliding doors for secure partitioning - Sliding doors have dampers and do not close "metal on metal".

  • + Fire prevention

    Our aisle containment systems comply with fire protection class B 1

  • + Invisible floor guide elements

    Sturdy floor guide elements for the sliding doors, invisible when closed, for mounting on raised floors. There are end caps on the left and right of the top guide rail. No obstacles on the raised floor in the entrance area of the door.

  • + Gear covers / hood

    We use polycarbonate for the aisle cover. This can be made of glass on request. The elevation is made of folded 2 mm aluminum sheet. Individual heights are possible. T-profiles are used to support the polycarbonate panels.

  • + Wall connection

    The wall and floor connection is made using a special, coated aluminum angle profile.

  • + Individual aisle height can be realized

    The clear passage height of a rack row can be optionally adjusted by inserting an aisle extension of e.g. 50 - 300 mm. This ensures problem-free opening of the rack rows even after the installation of fire detectors or extinguishing nozzles, for example. Other heights are possible, e.g. with a rack height of 2000 mm, an optional extension of e.g. 100 mm can be used so that a clear passage height of 2100 mm can be achieved.

  • + Handles

    Stainless steel push handles on the outside - shell handles on the inside for secure opening and closing of the door.

  • + Sliding door variants

    Sliding doors can be supplied as non-synchronous opening, synchronous opening, mechanically closing by means of a spring rope pulley, mechanically closing by tilting the rail or automatically opening and closing by means of an electric drive (via motion detector or push-button). Good workmanship (no sharp edges etc.).

  • + Covering the top track for sliding doors

    The top track for sliding doors is covered, allowing for a customized design. This also results in a recognition value (e.g. a sign with company logo can be attached).

  • + Cover elements

    Our cover elements are made from specially edged aluminum profiles. These guarantee a high degree of stability, if necessary in combination with a frame construction made of 2 mm 40/40 steel tube (highly flexible), which can be used for height compensation, length compensation and cable ducts etc.. 

     All materials are powder-coated in the color of your choice. 

    Optional elevation up to the ceiling version in transparent with twin-wall sheets (transparent or milky) in 16 mm thickness and special aluminum profiles.

    In individual cases, louvre curtains can also be used for partitioning.

  • + Conserving resources

    A high degree of reusability is ensured during conversion.

Comprehensive service

From the idea to the finished product

For many years, we have been manufacturing enclosures for cold aisle and hot aisle containment, as well as mesh partition walls for server rooms and technical platforms, independently of standard designs. In addition, we provide the corresponding steel construction technology for your data center (technical platforms, stairways, mesh floors, loading ramps, railings, etc.).

Custom solutions instead of modular systems, and flexible, prompt, and straightforward assistance with high reliability, even in challenging situations, are our hallmarks. We deliver what we promise!

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