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Our company headquarters is located in our hometown of 57639 Rodenbach, situated between Altenkirchen and Puderbach in the Westerwald region. In separate workshops, we work daily for our customers, striving to overcome every challenge. Since our company was founded in 2001, we have focused on maintaining respectful relationships with our customers, partners, and within our team. We firmly believe that this is the only way we can achieve our goals together. Each of our employees is committed to demonstrating the highest level of dedication and concentration.

Our mission is to provide future-ready solutions for data centers and to support our customers in their challenges with the necessary flexibility. Our diverse portfolio of cold aisle and hot aisle enclosures, including doors, ceiling panels, and airflow kits, combines essential energy efficiency with modular flexibility.“

Dirk John, Managing Director

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Dirk john

Managing Director
Industrial Master in Metal

Corinna john

Assistant to the Management

Sam john

Junior Manager
Master Metalworker
Welding Specialist


My Story

  • My name is Dirk John. I was born in 1964, married, and father of three children.
  • I earned my master craftsman title in 1990. In 1997, alongside my master craftsman position, I began practicing the locksmith trade part-time.
  • Due to increasing demand, I decided to take the leap into full self-employment in September 2001. Since then, our team has grown steadily.
  • IIn the summer of 2010, an opportunity arose to acquire a property in my hometown of 57639 Rodenbach (located between Altenkirchen and Puderbach in the Westerwald region) with ample room for expansion. We operate separate workshops where we manufacture products from steel and stainless steel.
  • After completing his training as a metalworker specializing in construction technology, my son Sam attended master craftsman school part-time starting in the summer of 2018. In December 2019, he earned the title of Master Metalworker / Trainer 2020. Additionally, he pursued training as an international welding specialist. Since May 2021, having reached the minimum age of 22, he has been working in our company in this capacity, significantly contributing to our company's growth. 
  • Together with my wife Corinna, we work daily on behalf of our customers, striving to meet every challenge to the best of our abilities.

Comprehensive service

From the idea to the finished product

For many years, we have been manufacturing enclosures for cold aisle and hot aisle containment, as well as mesh partition walls for server rooms and technical platforms, independently of standard designs. In addition, we provide the corresponding steel construction technology for your data center (technical platforms, stairways, mesh floors, loading ramps, railings, etc.).

Custom solutions instead of modular systems, and flexible, prompt, and straightforward assistance with high reliability, even in challenging situations, are our hallmarks. We deliver what we promise!

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From the Idea to the Finished Product